Before his death, Aki called a friend in Skopje, he planned to visit his mother

Aki Rahimovski
Aki Rahimovski / Photo: Printscreen / Facebook

The singer of the cult rock band "Parni Valjak", Aki Rahimovski died yesterday at the age of 67, confirmed his manager Damir Osredecki.

As he finds out Vecernji List, Aki talked to his friend yesterday morning Zdravko Sitnovski from Skopje and planned a trip to Macedonia.

Aki wanted to visit his mother in Macedonia, so he agreed with Hi to meet him at the Skopje airport.

Also, a few minutes before his death, the singer called his friend Tihomir Pop Asanovi. in Zagreb.

However, the keyboardist of the former band "Time", with whom Rahimovski he was in constant contact, did not have a mobile phone with him and, unfortunately, he saw the missed call late.

Aki и Tihomir They met in the seventies, at the Bloom Festival in Ljubljana. The news of the friend's death shocked the keyboardist, who had very good plans with Aki.

The legendary singer Aki Rahimovski he lived with his family in Slovenia, but his last farewell will still be in Zagreb.

Aki Rahimovski had a daughter with a 27-year-old Slovenian

We remind you that the singer of "Parni roljak" died at the age of 67, in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, where he lived for the last few years with his unmarried wife Barbara and daughter.

The singer of "Parni Valjak" Aki Rahimovski died at the age of 67

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