The Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors awarded the diplomas, the media were not invited

Photo: "Focus"

The Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors in the large hall of the Supreme Court this afternoon solemnly awarded the diplomas to this year's class of graduates, which includes a number of sons, daughters, wives and other relatives of current and former politicians, judges and prosecutors who passed the final exam and will become part of the justice system, announced "Фокус".

The media were not invited to the ceremony, with the exception of the state agency MIA. The director of the Academy, Natasha Gaber-Damjanovska, told the media who accidentally learned about the event that they estimated that there was not enough space for all the media, they were subscribed to MIA and the agency neither added nor subtracted during the reporting. But she did not specifically answer whether the media were not invited so as not to ask questions of the candidates who have been in the public's focus for months, writes "Фокус".

The diplomas were also taken by the future prosecutors: the son of the parliament speaker, Talat Xhaferi, Albulena Abazi, the wife of the current head of the Prosecutor's Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime, Islam Abazi, the wife of the mayor of the Airport, Timcho Mucunski who will become a judge and more than fifty students of the Academy whose names were associated with people from politics and the judiciary.

Xhaferi's son attracted the most attention, for whom Anticorruption found that he passed the bar exam before obtaining a diploma with an appropriate level of education. In her address, Gaber-Damjanovska told the candidates that they should serve and protect the public interest and that they should be guided by legal principles and not by personal bias or opinion.

– Never compromise social values ​​or commitment to justice, even when faced with difficult decisions or pressure from outside forces. At the same time, your decisions have a profound impact on people's lives, so it is important to approach them humanely, with empathy, impartiality and fairness. I encourage you to cultivate strong and efficient cooperation with other institutions in the judicial and legal system. Respect those who are hierarchically above you, but also below you, said Gaber-Damjanovska.

Out of a total of 58 students of the seventh generation of the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors, 30 passed for judges and 28 for prosecutors. Xhaferi's son applied for the prosecutor's office in Gostivar, Abazi's wife for the prosecutor's office in Kicevo.

Today, however, the Judicial Council passed decision on the selection of a total of 31 judges through several basic courts throughout the interior of the country, excluding Skopje.

30 candidates from the seventh generation of the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors will be able to apply for six places in the Prilep Basic Court, for four places in the court in Struga, three each in the court in Bitola and Kichevo, two each in the courts in Krusevo, Ohrid , Tetovo, Delchevo, Radovish and Berovo, as well as for one place each in the courts in Kumanovo, Strumica and Sveti Nikole.

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