The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was killed by a shark while surfing in Hawaii

Tamayo Perry in "Pirates of the Caribbean" / Photo: WALT DISNEY PICTURES - MOUNTAIN, PETER - Album / Album / Profimedia

The legendary surfer Tamayo Perry (49), who starred in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", died Sunday after being attacked by a shark while surfing off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

Perry's lifeless body was found by local surfers near Malakahan Beach on Oahu's North Shore, missing an arm or a leg, reports "Stab Magazine".

Bystanders who saw the body say that, judging by the visible injuries, it is possible that Perry suffered more than one shark bite. Rescuers then took Perry to shore on a jet ski, and paramedics immediately pronounced him dead, officials said at a press conference.

Perry was born in 1975, grew up on the east side of Oahu, and built his career on the North Shore, both as a professional surfer and later as a lifeguard.

He started surfing at the age of 12, and by the time he was a teenager, Perry considered himself "a quiet local boy who had to borrow surfboards because he had no sponsors".

Perry was widely recognized as one of Pipeline's standout surfers – commanding attention with his smile and casual poise while battling the big waves.

His charisma and skills also landed him roles in the 2002 hits Lost, Pirates of the Caribbean and Hawaii 5-0.

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