AHV claim that there is no cancerous milk in the country

The Agency for Food and Veterinary Medicine (AHV) said that Tripunovski's claims are groundless spreading panic and misleading citizens. The Agency says that when importing milk from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, samples are taken at the border crossings, that is, the shipments are not put into circulation until a satisfactory test result is obtained. The Agency claims that there is no cancerous milk in the country.

In relation to the claims made by the Agriculture Commission of VMRO DPMNE, Babavovski says that they are collecting minor political points and abusing the feelings of the people, the director of the Food and Veterinary Agency, Nikolche Babovski, said today.

- By presenting the so-called facts, presenting laboratory findings of unsafe milk with aflatoxin, which we do not deny at any moment as an institution, he, not knowing the work procedures and legal regulations, unwittingly not only misleads consumers, but also spreads fear among them about the safety of the food they consume and for their health. By now, Tripunovski should have learned that before they are put on the market, at the border crossings and at the place of unloading, especially milk and dairy products imported from neighboring Serbia and BiH, due to the established risk of aflatoxin in these products, AHV performs a mandatory laboratory testing of each shipment that remains under surveillance until a satisfactory result is obtained for it to be put into circulation. From there, it is common sense to claim that the products in which the presence of aflatoxin was detected above the maximum allowed limits have been put on the market, Babovski pointed out.

Regarding yesterday's allegations by Tripunovski about the alleged protein yogurt with aflatoxin, Babovski claims that it is a manipulation.

- I responsibly claim that it is pure manipulation on his part. It is about two shipments of probiotic yogurt, each of 7 kilograms, i.e. a total of 053 kilograms of this product with an increased level of aflatoxin, which were returned to Serbia yesterday with the consent of the exporter and the competent authority of the Republic of Serbia. It is no accident that these products, as Tripunovski claims, were not in circulation, but were under official supervision until they were returned. Regarding the "cancerous" yogurt with aflatoxin, we invite him, since he has the laboratory results that have the serial number and lot for each sample taken, and he does not trust the AHV, to freely ask for it in the markets. Regarding yesterday's claim that the national rapid notification system is not functioning, it should have been clear to him by now that this system alerts only when an unsafe product is put on the market, Babovski emphasizes.


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