AHV: There are 6 cases of African swine fever so far, report any suspicions

Wild boars / Photo: MIA

The Food and Veterinary Agency alerts pig breeders to keep them indoors, and to report any suspected case and any dead pig, in order to prevent the spread of the disease for which there is no cure or vaccine for pigs and which can be very extensive for our pig farming.

Yesterday at the wine village of Kršla, a new case of African plague has been detected in a commercial facility. It is the sixth case since the first case was discovered on January 6th.

The director of the Food and Veterinary Agency (AHV), Nikolce Babovski, informed that the meat is not dangerous for humans, but that it is fatal for pigs and that therefore wherever there is a hot spot, within a radius of 3 kilometers, the pigs will be safely destroyed. and then within a radius of up to 10 kilometers they will be taken to a slaughterhouse, for heat treatment for the meat industry.

- Pig breeders will be commercially compensated - emphasizes Babovski.

He said that the ban on raising pigs in the open is already in effect, but it is permissible to have an "outlet", in which case there should be a double fence, where the distance from one to the other should be at least one meter.

AHV also categorized 5.608 farms, of which 708 fully meet the biosecurity requirements, 4.219 are at medium risk, and 681 do not implement security measures.

Babovski emphasizes that there is a great danger for the spread of the disease from wild boars and that they advocate for the hunting season to start earlier.

Prevented the spread of African swine fever in the Kochan village of Mojanci

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