Ahmeti about Mickoski: He won't get through with me, he doesn't know how to run a country

Ali Ahmeti, meeting Skopje Photo: Ahmeti Facebook

The insults and fights between Mickoski and Ahmeti continue. After the leader of VMRO-DPMNE retorted to Ahmeti that he crossed all the boundaries and behaves primitively, the first man of DUI says that Mickoski should not have "dealt with him, because he would not have been able to come to an end". Ahmeti explained that he only gave advice to Mickoski because he had been in politics for many years. He referred to the moment when Mickoski allegedly called for citizens not to vote for the European Front.

"He shouldn't have started this battle because he can't end it with me, I didn't provoke him, but I told the truth that he still hasn't had a single day at the head of the state. He has been in the opposition for seven years and he does not know how the state is run, he does not know how the institutions are built, we are a state and bear responsibility for running the state, we bear responsibility for there to be no inter-ethnic differences, we bear responsibility for calling us to vote or not to vote against this or that. It is the people who decide and it is not an insult to Mr. "Hristijan Mickovski is advice from a man who has 22 years of experience in political organizational life and running the state," says Ahmeti.

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