Ahmeti: Constitutional amendments must be made, it will happen in two-three months

Photo: Ali Ahmeti / Facebook

The President of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, stated today in Tetovo that the constitutional amendments, with which the Bulgarians should be introduced into the Macedonian Constitution, will take place "in two or three months" and that they "must be done".

He said: "The constitutional amendments open the possibility of a successful start to the opening of negotiations and the first chapter of EU membership. And this day is not far, because the meeting of the two governments, that of Europe and our country, will be held in November."

"But the constitutional amendments must be made because it is a mandatory respectable agreement." This will happen in two-three months, but it must happen, because it is in the interest of the citizens of this country. It is a common mission of all of us, because the good that will come, will not come only for Albanians, but for all citizens. We must vet, starting with the politicians, the executive power, the mayors, because it is for the good of the country. This check should be done by foreign experts, because the credibility can be disputed. We need a proven judiciary and politicians, in order to have confidence in the development of the process," said Ahmeti at a party meeting with citizens and businessmen in Tetovo.

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