Ahmeti at noon exactly at a meeting with the "fiery" Mejiti, Xhaferi and Bejeti

but ahmeti, musa xhaferi, blerim bexheti
Blerim Bexheti posted a photo on his Facebook profile where it can be seen that he is in the company of DUI President Ali Ahmeti, MP Izet Mexhiti and former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Xhaferi.

At the headquarters in Mala Recica today at noon exactly, the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti will face the leaders of the "fire group" Izet Mejiti, Musa Xhaferi and Blerim Bejeti. It is expected that the "firemen" will put the demands for reform of the party on the table, that is, finally, three years after the Congress, the party bodies - the Central Presidency and the closest party leadership - will be reformed. The "Fire" have already requested in a letter that the decisions in the party be made in the party bodies, and not the Ahmeti-Grubi duo. Dissatisfied with the work of the ministers, the "fiery" ones are demanding the replacement of the first vice prime minister and other ministers, as well as an account of what has been done so far in the government.

Last week, Ahmeti tried to cushion the dissatisfaction of the "firemen" through meetings with the branches of Chair and Saraj, but instead of a truce, Xhaferi told Ahmeti that if Grubi does not leave the Government, the political war in DUI will escalate.

- We expected that party life would be channeled through the formation of party bodies, and not Grubi usurping all functions and decisions. Ahmeti will have to decide whether the party will continue to function in chaos or finally the important political decisions and issues will be made by the party bodies. We remain of the opinion that the ministers should refer to the party about the work done, the unsuccessful ones should withdraw and the party bodies should be formed - Jaferi told "Sloboden Pechat" last Friday.

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