Ahmeti: The topic of dissatisfaction among integrationists is minor compared to the topic of the European front

Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Zoran Dimovski

The leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti after the end of today's Central Presidency of the party, he said that they talked about a very important topic such as the European front, which, as he said, should revive, and it is minor compared to the one about the dissatisfaction among the integrationists, he announced TV 21.

"The topic of the small differences that exist in DUI compared to the topic of the European front is minor, and next week, one week from today, we will continue with meetings and conversations in the party," Ahmeti said.

To a journalist's question, what will be discussed next week?, Ahmeti with an answer.

"Certainly about the events, in more detail about the front but also about the events in DUI", said Ahmeti.

Ahmeti did not rule out the possibility of considering the demands of the "Fire Group" next week, if there are any, although he said that the issue of accountability has been discussed several times within the party itself.

The DUI spokesman Bujar Osmani, after the end of today's Central Presidency of the party in Mala Recica, where he indicated that only one point was discussed - the situation with the so-called front for Europe and the next steps, stated that it is necessary to gather in a common front all the pro-European forces in the country , in order to make the essential steps, because if this moment is missed, we could, as he pointed out, enter into a serious situation of isolation.

I know that there are deputies from VMRO-DPMNE who would vote for the constitutional amendments, says Grubi

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