Ahmeti met with Papadopoulou: Full respect and implementation of the Prespa Agreement is required

Ahmeti and Papadopoulos/ Photo: Dui

The President of the Democratic Union for Integration, Ali Ahmeti, today met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Alexandra Papadopoulou, who is visiting Skopje and participated in the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Cooperation Process in Southeast Europe.

The elections, the Ohrid Agreement and legitimacy, the country's European perspective and the need for further support from Greece were part of the conversation between Ahmeti and Papadopoulou.

Greece has always been a supporter of the European integration path of North Macedonia, as well as a reliable ally in NATO, it was emphasized at the meeting.

Ahmeti further added that he expects this support for the EU and cooperation in NATO to continue in the future.

The European integration of the region is of great strategic importance and is of common interest for the general security of Europe.

The two interlocutors expressed satisfaction with the dynamics with which bilateral relations are developing, especially in the last seven years after the signing of the Prespa Agreement, which expressed the need for its full respect and implementation by both sides.

Ahmeti highlighted the spirit of the Ohrid Agreement, whose observance for 23 years guarantees peace, security, stability, social cohesion and the Euro-Atlantic future of the country.

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