Ahmeti: I accept rivalry, but not slander, it is not our fault that we have been winners for 22 years

Ali Ahmeti Photo: Facebook Artan Grubi

The leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, speaking last night at the "Face to face for equal opportunities" event, organized by the Secretariat for Equal Opportunities of the DUI branch in Chair, said that he is a thorn in the side of many of his opponents, but that he is not guilty. which wins 22 years. Referring to the political developments, Ahmeti said that he accepts rivalry with political opponents in the country, but not rivalry to the level of slander and hostility.

- I am very aware that we are a thorn in the side of many political opponents that we created in 22 years, but it is not our fault that we have been winners for 22 years. The people voted for us. Therefore, they have no reason to be hostile to the people. I accept rivalry, I accept being in competition, but not rivalry to the point of hostility. Not in a rivalry to the point of slander, because we haven't won violently in 22 years. The people loved us and we were the winners - said Ahmeti.

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