Ahmeti offered Osmani to go "sacrifice" to calm the passions in DUI, but the "fiery" refused

Bujar Osmani in Kyiv, Photo: Facebook

The group of dissatisfied officials and members from the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), who expressed in a letter yesterday their revolt against the party's policy of appointing personnel to state positions, citing Artan Grubi as one of the key reasons that DUI is losing votes, received an offer from Mala Recica yesterday to be "sacrificed" Bujar Osmani, and a person from their group should be appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he announced TV21, citing sources in the party.

The offer was allegedly sent through an intermediary, a government minister, but was rejected by the so-called "Fire group", whose members stated that the problem in the party was Grubi and the entire ministerial entourage, not only Osmani.

Among the former and current DUI officials who publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the events in the party are Musa Xhaferi, Izet Medziti, Nevzat Beita, Blerim Bexheti, Bashkim Hassani, Visar Ganiu and others.

The leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, today answer the letter, saying that "DUI can function without any individual, because it has stable structures."

"Without a doubt, DUI has established stable structures that can function without Ali Ahmeti, Blerim Bejeti, Moussa Xhaferi, Izet Mejiti. This is a national investment that has a strong foundation and strong support. For 20 years, he has invested in the staff of the party. The Council and the Congress are functional, there is no place for anarchy," said Ahmeti.

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