Ahmeti did not accept, will Osmani be the favorite of DUI for head of state?

Ali Ahmeti, Bujar Osmani, Photo: Facebook Osmani

A recommendation for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice President of DUI, Bujar Osmani, will be his successful chairmanship of the OSCE. It remains uncertain whether the government partners SDSM and DUI will agree on joint lists in the parliamentary elections.

The leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, will announce today via Facebook the presidential candidate with whom the party will run the election race for the head of the state. A senior DUI official briefed "Sloboden Pechat" that Ahmeti's election trump card as a candidate for the head of state will be the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice President of the DUI, Bujar Osmani.
It remains uncertain whether the government partners SDSM and DUI will agree on joint lists in the parliamentary elections, because the mood in DUI is for an independent performance or in a coalition with DPA, with the parties of Arianit Hoxha and Skender Redzepi and possibly with the Alliance for the Albanians of Ziyadin Sela.

The support for Stevo Pendarovski from DUI will be sought in the second election round

As we have already announced, after DUI announced its presidential candidate, SDSM will seek the support of its candidate for head of state, which will most likely be Stevo Pendarovski, from DUI in the second election round.

"We inform you that tomorrow, starting at 11 a.m., Ali Ahmeti will address the citizens through a direct broadcast on his page on the social network Facebook to announce the big news," says yesterday's announcement, which almost all officials of DUI shared on social networks.

After fellow party members did not convince the leader Ahmeti to enter a direct race with the opposition candidate of the "Vredi" coalition, Arben Taravari, the presidential battle in the Albanian political bloc will likely be led by two doctors - Osmani and Taravari. The arguments for Osmani's candidacy are the successful chairmanship of the OSCE.

Kovacevski: Talks with parties that are not traditionally part of the coalition

The information of "Sloboden Pechat" that SDSM is making joint efforts DUI appearance in the parliamentary elections, party leader Dimitar Kovacevski confirmed. He stated that talks are ongoing with the coalition partners, but also that there will be talks with parties that are not traditionally part of the coalition, but are part of the government partners.

- These are parties with which we do not have negotiations, however, there may be talks based on analyzes that are currently being done on the basis of empirical research and on the basis of probing the mood of the membership to be in a coalition with a certain party. These are parties that are in the government coalition with SDSM, but which were not on the joint lists in the last elections in 2020 - Kovacevski said.

He added that SDSM will have candidate lists in all constituencies.

- I don't know what DUI is doing, it's their job, but SDSM will have candidate lists in all constituencies - added the leader of SDSM.

As we have already announced, SDSM's analyzes showed that it is more pragmatic for the government partners to appear on joint lists such as the European Front, that is, that due to Dont's model of calculation, it will allow them a greater number of MPs than going to the elections independently.
Unofficially, in order to get DUI and Sela's Alliance to perform together, SDSM is ready for three list holders to be from Ahmeti's and Sela's parties. This would mean that DUI would have holders in the Sixth and the Second Constituency, and Sela would get the Fifth Constituency. However, this is a less possible variant and the first offer will be SDSM, DUI and Alliance of the Villages to go with the so-called list bearers. SDSM once already went to elections with list bearers, but from its own party. If this is acceptable for DUI and the Alliance of Villages, it will mean that there will be two list holders for each constituency. For example, in the "six" the holder should be Ahmeti, with a holder from SDSM or Alliance.

In DUI, on the other hand, the priority is the formation of an Albanian block against the opposition block "Vredi" for participation in the parliamentary elections. Talks are ongoing with the parties of Hoxha and Redzepi, and after the breakup in Alliance with Sela for joint lists in the parliamentary elections. According to this, it is more certain that the DUI option unites Menduh Thaci's DPA, Hoxha's and Redzepi's parties, and Sela's Alliance on joint lists, than an electoral appearance as a European front with SDSM.

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