Ahmeti on the day of the Albanian flag: "The eagle took us to war, now it will lead us to Brussels in peace"

photo: MIA, Ali Ahmeti at a ceremonial academy on the occasion of the Albanian flag day

A solemn academy on the occasion of November 28 – the Day of the Albanian Flag, was organized tonight by the president of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Ali Ahmeti. In his speech, Ahmeti emphasized that "in the past, for over 500 years, wars were fought and efforts were made for the language, flag and letters".

"Patriots, teachers were killed, but if you take the blood out of the heart, it won't work. Blood was the language and the heart was the flag. The flag is like the heart connected to the blood and they keep our spirit alive. None of the speeches we are giving today have as much weight as Hamza Jashari's lectures, gathering children from village to village, teaching them about November 28 and the Albanian flag. The eagle knows how to fly high. Eagles' wings never tire. Therefore, just as this eagle led us to war, it will also lead us to Brussels in peace," said Ahmeti.

The ambassador of Albania in the country, Fatos Reka, emphasized that in the context of the moment in which we live, it is imperative that Albania and North Macedonia fulfill all the obligations required by the European Union in order to become part of this family as soon as possible.

"I believe and am convinced that the progressive forces in North Macedonia, including the Albanian political spectrum, will successfully fulfill all obligations, including the constitutional amendments according to the French plan, in order to continue our common journey towards Brussels. The opening of the screening process and negotiations with the European Union for Albania and North Macedonia in July 2022 opened new perspectives for our two countries, both in terms of the consolidation of the rule of law and the harmonization of legislation with that of the EU, benefits from EU funds for the economy, science, education, agriculture and tourism. Since our countries are members of the most powerful political-military alliance, we should direct our attention to maintaining peace and security in coordination with our allies and especially our strategic ally the United States," said Reka.

The first deputy of the Prime Minister and Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, Artan Grubi emphasized that "the nation honors itself with work and pointed out that we should continue to build the nation one stone at a time."

On November 28, Albanians from all over the world mark the hoisting of the Albanian flag in the Fortress of Kruja in Albania in 1443 and in Valona in 1912.


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