Ahmeti: Mickoski was not part of the war, he just watched it on television

Ali Ahmeti / Photo SP

Hristijan Mickoski should not talk about the war, because he was not part of it, he just watched it on television, said DUI President Ali Ahmeti at yesterday's tribune in Tetovo.

Responding to Mickoski who recently asked the DUI leader to say how many millions of euros his family received at the expense of the victims of the military conflict in 2001, Ahmeti said that until now he remained silent because silence is medicine and for 20 years they have been working on building strategies to realize their goals and are therefore valued by the DUI electorate.

Only with more work can we be strong, not only for 20 years but even more. It's been 20 years, because we planned things at every stage, how they would go. We acted in difficult times, in very delicate circumstances, although there is no end to the good, there is still a lot of work, said Ahmeti.

Regarding the constitutional amendments, the leader of DUI expects them to happen in two to three months and that they are not only in the interest of Albanians, but also for all citizens in the country.

We have to do a vetting, starting with the politicians, the executive power, the mayors because it is for the good of the country. This check should be done by foreign specialists, as the credibility can be disputed. We need a proven judiciary and a politician to have confidence in the development of the process, concluded Ahmeti at yesterday's forum in Tetovo.

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