Ahmeti appointed Rafis Aliti as political coordinator of DUI in Saraj

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The DUI veteran, Rafis Aliti, has been appointed as the political coordinator of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) in the branch in the Skopje municipality of Saraj, a senior official of the party reveals to "Sloboden Pechat".

The move of the party leader Ali Ahmeti comes at the height of the intra-party struggle with the "fire group", as well as after a similar appointment in Chair, where was appointed coordinator Bujar Osmani. In this case, one of the leaders of the "fires" reacted fiercely. Izet Medziti, who says that such a position does not exist according to the DUI statute and accuses that the appointment was made without going through the party authorities.

63-year-old Aliti is a former deputy and vice-president of the Parliament, but he has been out of politics for a long time. Aliti used to be the president of the DUI branch in Saraj, which is considered a bastion of another prominent member of the "fires" – Blerim Bexheti, who is also the mayor of the municipality. Aliti will be the political coordinator of DUI in Saraj until the internal party elections in the branch, according to DUI.

Aliti's appointment comes just before the party's Central Presidency, at which Blerim Bejetti hoped to continue the internal party debate over the demands of the "firemen", including the one for reporting on the work of Artan Grubi and the ministers from DUI.

"At the last session, a conclusion was reached that the two reports should be reviewed and the debate on the report related to accountability, which is transparency, a European value, and I believe, at the very least, I expect to continue debating on all those issues that actually create differences between the executive power and a significant part of the Democratic Union for Integration. That point of the agenda should be continued to see if it has worked, if there are results and if they are fulfilled with specific engagements and implementation of projects, according to the election program of DUI. This will be proposed as an agenda item, said today Bejeti, who is also the organizational secretary of DUI.

Ahmeti appointed Bujar Osmani as the first man of DUI in Chair, Izet Majiti is angry

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