Ahmeti called the DUI representatives from Saraj to a meeting, Blerim Bexeti did not come

DUI headquarters in Mala Recica, Tetovo / photo: MIA

The leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, called the representatives of the branch in Saraj to the headquarters of DUI today. According to the party, the internal party elections for new leadership were discussed – the mandate of the branch coordinators had already passed, so it is claimed that the new structures have nothing to do with the divisions in DUI and the "fire group", reported "Alsat".

However, the head of the branch and the mayor of Saraj did not attend today's meeting. Blerim Bexheti. The tension in the branch was increased precisely by the leader Ahmeti last week, when he appointed veteran politician Rafis Aliti as political coordinator of DUI in Saraj. The day after tomorrow, a new meeting is expected in DUI, where the demands of the "firemen" should be discussed. They demanded an account of the work of government ministers from DUI, as well as the dismissal of Artan Grubi from state positions.

"At the meeting, the internal elections in DUI were discussed. As you know, in 11 DUI branches we already have new branch presidents. Now this process remains to continue in the remaining branches, somewhere around 25-26 where new managements and presidents have to be elected. At this meeting, the president also informed us about the decision that was announced a few days ago that he appointed Rafiz Haliti as the coordinator for Saraj. "He has the role of coordinating actions in the branch in cooperation with all members of the branch and with party officials, until the election of a new president of the branch," said Arben Ziberi from the party, according to "Alsat".

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