Ageler congratulated the formation of the new government: We look forward to continuing our partnership

Angela Price Ageler - US Ambassador to Russia S. Macedonia / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

The American ambassador in the country, Angela Ageler, sent congratulations on the formation of the new government on the X social network.

"As the Prime Minister and his cabinet take office, we look forward to continuing our partnership in strengthening the rule of law, improving economic, energy and infrastructure development, social structures and moving the country forward on its Euro-Atlantic path," Ageler writes.

Today, Hristijan Mickoski took over the post of prime minister from Talat Xhaferi. Mickoski is the 13th prime minister, who will lead the 20th government since the country's independence.

Mickoski assumed the post of prime minister

After a two-day debate last night, the Assembly elected the new Government with 77 votes "for" and 22 votes "against". There will be 20 ministries in the government cabinet, four more than before. 15 members are from the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE, six from the Vredi coalition and two from ZNAM.

European Commissioner Varheyi congratulated the election of the new Government


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