Munich airport resumes flights, but train traffic in Bavaria is still suspended

snow at the airport
Snow at the airport / Photo: EPA / MARTIAL TREZZINI

Southern Germany is still partially paralyzed by the big snow wave that hit it this weekend. The airport in Munich, which was at a standstill yesterday, is open today, albeit with certain restrictions, and the railway operator Deutsche Bahn managed to activate several key routes outside the Munich central station, reports DPA.

Munich Airport has resumed operations after being closed due to heavy snowfall. However, there will be restrictions on air traffic, airport officials said. Passengers are requested to check the status of their flight before arriving at the airport.

The temporary suspension of air traffic in Munich affected departures and arrivals at other airports. Some of the flights were taken from Frankfurt and Nuremberg airports.

The heavy snowfall in Bavaria also paralyzed the railway traffic. Deutsche Bahn has warned passengers to expect massive rail travel restrictions in southern Germany until Monday. Passengers are advised to postpone all trips tomorrow, except for essential ones, because the situation caused by the snow wave has not yet normalized.

Efforts are being made to improve the track on the Munich-Nuremberg and Munich-Stuttgart lines.

Due to the heavy snowfall, snow-covered trains could not start, and part of the tracks were blocked by trees that collapsed under the weight of the snow.

Not only Bavaria was affected by the storm. Snow and ice also caused problems in some areas in northern Germany.

Forecasters said that no new snow is expected in Bavaria, but there will be in the eastern low mountain ranges and the Alps. Low temperatures will remain on Monday and Tuesday, dropping to -15 degrees

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