Airport is looking for a strategic partner to become a "smart municipality"

Photo: Municipality of Aerodrom

Solving the problems with street lighting, digital displays with information about the work of the local self-government, free internet zones and many other benefits for the citizens are promised by the Airport Municipality with the implementation of the "Smart Airport" project.

From there, they informed that the Municipality announced the call for the selection of a strategic partner, who should realize this "Smart Airport" project through a public-private partnership. The Airport says that this project represents a comprehensive effort to seamlessly integrate advanced technologies in the municipality, in the direction of improving various aspects of daily life.

The costs for the realization of the project will be fully borne by the private company that will be selected, and the Municipality, apart from having no financial implications, will save electricity and thus also save money, the Airport claims.

 Smart lamps on the territory of the entire municipality that should solve the problem with the lighting at the Airport and affect the saving of electricity, electric scooters and bicycles that will increase the mobility of citizens, and thus reduce pollution, digital displays through which citizens will be informed about the work of the municipality, free internet zones and chargers for electric cars are only part of the benefits for the citizens of the Airport, which the "Smart Airport" project foresees. In addition, it will also influence the realization of strategic priorities by increasing the safety and security of citizens, contributing to a cleaner and greener municipality and the direct impact that "Smart Airport" will have on the quality of life in the municipality - explained the Airport.

As the local government says, the "Smart Airport" project represents the realization of a promise given in the election program and is a significant step forward for the citizens and the municipality, showing the determination to accept new technologies and introduce sustainable practices in the direction of raising the quality of life. .

By implementing these innovative solutions, we pave the way for a brighter future in Aerodrom - a future where technology, sustainability and connectivity come together in one project that will first of all bring a series of benefits to citizens, and then bring a technologically advanced municipality with which everyone will we are proud. "Smart Airport" is a project that is an important technological step forward, a project in which technology and sustainability meet, for the first time in Macedonia, precisely in the municipality of Aerodrom - claim the Airport.

After the call to establish a public-private partnership is completed and the strategic partner is chosen, the project will be implemented. The Municipality expects the implementation of the project to begin at the beginning of next year, and after the completion of the implementation, Aerodrom will be the first high-tech and smart municipality.

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