The lawyer who took Palevski to Belgrade "curts" from security measures, and for the man from Strumica who took him to Turkey - proposed detention

Suspect Ljupco Palevski - Palco with the murdered Vanja and Panche / Photo Collage of SP / Social networks

The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje issued an Order to conduct an investigative procedure for one person due to reasonable suspicion that he committed a crime - Assisting a perpetrator after a crime has been committed from Article 365 paragraph 3 to paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

In the period from 01.12.2023 to 03.12.2023, the suspect helped a perpetrator not to be detected for two crimes - Kidnapping under Article 141 of the Criminal Code, as well as two murders in a brutal way (one of a minor and one of selfishness) ) jointly punishable under Article 123 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code, providing him with transportation by car.

Now the suspect, after prior communication and agreement with the perpetrator who was in the Republic of Serbia, headed to Belgrade with a Land Rover vehicle with Strumica registration marks, owned by a legal entity. There he met the perpetrator and together with the vehicle they headed towards the border of Serbia with Bulgaria - Kalotina border crossing. They crossed the border on 02.12.2023, moving through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, on the same day they arrived at the border with Turkey, border crossing Kapitan Andreevo, and entered Turkey. They were there together until 03.12.2023, after which the perpetrator stayed, and now the suspect headed with the vehicle through Greece to the country, where he was detained at the Star Dojran border crossing.

The competent public prosecutor submitted to the judge of the preliminary procedure from the Basic Criminal Court Skopje a proposal for the determination of a detention measure for the suspect.

For another person who was detained for 24 hours in the police station since yesterday, a notification has been sent to the Skopje Public Prosecutor's Office. The public prosecutor assessed that at this moment there are no legal grounds for security measures to be proposed, however, the checks for his possible involvement in a criminal-legal event continue.

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