Palevski's lawyer: I took him to a doctor in Belgrade, I didn't know anything about the murders

Photo: Facebook/Ljupco Palevski

The lawyer of Ljupco Palevski, who is the prime suspect in the murder of the young Vanja Gjorchevska for Telma says that he took Palevski to Belgrade because, as he told him, he had appointments scheduled.

"He asked me to take him to Belgrade because he didn't have a vehicle, and he couldn't get a notary to translate his vehicle. I had nothing to do with this matter. I know that he was supposed to go to Belgrade, he said that he scheduled examinations. If so, I told him, I will take you. I didn't know about these things. I returned to Skopje, he stayed because he was supposed to have an examination the next day and he said if everything is fine he will come back. If it is not right, he said he would go to Istanbul. When I returned, the police were searching. They asked me and then I told them," says lawyer Stojkov.

As Minister Spasovski announced at today's press conference, Ljupco Palevski is the killer of Vanja Gjorchevska who committed the crime due to extortion of money. He fled to Belgrade and from there he went to Bulgaria.

Vanja Gjorchevska disappeared last Monday, and her lifeless body was found yesterday in the vicinity of Skopje.


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