Palcho's lawyer called for questioning at the police station

Suspect Ljupco Palevski - Palco with the murdered Vanja and Panche / Photo Collage of SP / Social networks

Lawyer Vasko Stojkov was called to the police station this afternoon for questioning, learns. Stojkov stated a few days ago that he took Ljupco Palevski-Palco to Belgrade for examination with his vehicle and returned to Macedonia the same day. Stojkov says that at the time he did not know at all that Palevski was suspected of a double murder.

"I did not know that he was responsible for the murders of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska and 74-year-old Pance Žezhovski. He asked me to take him to Belgrade because he doesn't have a vehicle, and he couldn't arrange for a notary to translate his vehicle. I knew nothing about this matter. I know he was supposed to go to Belgrade for an examination. I returned to Skopje. Palevski told me that if it is not right, he will go for an examination in Istanbul. When I returned, the police were searching, they asked me and then I told them," said Stojkov on December 4.


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