Depp's lawyer was outraged by Amber Heard: Johnny is not the only one you beat, is he?

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp's Lawyer / Photo: EPA-EFE

The trial of the famous ex-spouses is underway. Johnny Depp sues his ex-wife Amber Herd for her allegations of abuse during their relationship and married life and is seeking $ 50 million in damages.

The actor finished his testimony a few weeks ago, and now the lawyers are questioning Amber Heard and more and more details are coming out every day, which could lead this case to a surprising epilogue.

Amber admitted in court that she lied that she donated the money she received from the divorce to charity, and the evidence that she actually abused her husband in marriage is getting louder.

Depp's lawyer, Camilla Vazquez, managed to anger her during a cross-examination after she opened up about her former relationship and claimed that she had beaten her ex-girlfriend at the airport.

"Johnny is not the only emotional partner you have beaten, is he?" Asked the lawyer, which visibly infuriated Amber. The actress replied that she did not beat her ex-girlfriend or any of her other ex-partners.

According to the American media, Amber Heard was detained in 2009 after she physically attacked her then girlfriend, the photographer Tasja van Ri, at the airport.


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