Adnan Dibrani, a Swedish MP, is a hero in Montenegro: He revived a baby pulled from the waters of Morača

Photo: Stevo Vasiljevic / Victory

Adnan Dibrani, a member of the Swedish Parliament, born in Kosovska Mitrovica, is a hero in Montenegro, after he gave first aid to the baby pulled from Morača, where he was after his grandmother jumped into the waters of the fast river with him yesterday, local media reports.

The Montenegrin public is still under the influence of yesterday's shock news - that a grandmother and her grandson jumped into the Morača river. The 62-year-old woman drowned, and several workers of Podgorica's communal services jumped into the water and pulled the baby out, but no one knew how to help him. The two-month-old baby boy was unconscious, but then Dibrani appeared on the scene, who managed to squeeze the water out of the child's lungs, saving his life.

Dibrani was in Montenegro as part of the observation mission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that monitors the elections in the country.

Through Skype, he told the Albanian television "Top ChannelHe said that he happened to be on the quay of the river, when he saw how they were pulling out the baby who had water in his lungs.

He told about the dramatic moments - he says that seconds were at stake for the baby to survive.

"I took their baby and tried to do what I know, the best I can." I squeezed the baby on his stomach and back, squeezed the water from his lungs. I don't know what I did… I don't know how, but the child was saved. When the water came out of the organs, then he opened his eyes. Then I immediately handed him over to the ambulance. For us it seemed like a lifetime, and it was minutes when I saw that woman... in an instant we saw what was happening, but we were not aware if she had a baby or a doll when she threw herself into the river," says Dibrani.

Photo: Stevo Vasiljevic / Victory

He added that when the baby started crying, he just wanted to give him oxygen and at that moment, he felt nothing but happiness that the baby was alive.

"I spoke with representatives of the government in Montenegro, with the first person of the parliament, they told me how things are, I still haven't communicated with the parents. The boy is two months old, they hope that he is not injured and that everything will be fine. I know what it's like for his parents, because I'm a parent myself. "I feel sorry for his grandmother," Dibrani said.

He immigrated to Sweden in 1992, and today he is a member of the Parliament from the ranks of the Social Democrats.

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