Ademi: Instead of crying about being part of the government, the most important thing is to enjoy the support of the citizens

Arber Ademi and the election headquarters of the candidate Bujar Osmani/ Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Zoran Dimovski

Arber Ademi from DUI said today that the most important thing is to enjoy the support of the citizens and to have legitimacy, given by them, and not as, as he said, "as a loser and as someone who begs to stand behind the door to beg, to cry, to be part of the government", alluding to the "Vredi" coalition, which is in negotiations with VMRO-DPMNE to form a new government.

Ademi, answering journalist questions after the Europe Day event organized by the European Movement in North Macedonia in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, emphasized that political developments are being seriously considered, and what DUI and the European Front coalition are warning about, as he said , is consistent respect for the Ohrid Framework Agreement and respect for consensual democracy.

"We see tendencies to undermine everything that has been achieved since 2001 by signing the Framework Agreement until now. You can also see in the programs of the political parties, which want to form the government, they also have aspirations to eliminate Badenter. These are mechanisms to protect against majorization. So we carefully follow all political developments, and at the same time we as a political party receive requests from intellectuals, representatives of the academic community, active citizens, for different models and for defining the legal order", said Ademi and added that in the Parliament they will they use all the mechanisms at their disposal as opposition.

According to him, the "Vredi" coalition is in an uncomfortable situation, because as an illegitimate representative and as a political option that has suffered defeat, it is now "begging, crying to be part of the government". He emphasized that "Vredi" said before the elections that there is no government without constitutional amendments, and now they do not adhere to their position.

- They say to wait for the elections in Bulgaria, we are no longer negotiating with Bulgaria, but with the EU. They say to wait for the elections in the EU, and then yesterday Mr. Tarvari said to wait for the elections in the USA, which will be in November, and the new administration will start in 2025 and then the elections in the USA will be over. I will not be surprised if they have the attitude that we should wait for the elections in Germany, France, England, Greece. They have no political power, and that is expected, said Ademi.

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