AD ESM exchanged experiences with Sweden for the heating system

Photo: ESM

Representatives from JSC ESM and the Energy Regulatory Commission held a meeting with representatives from Sweden where they exchanged experiences regarding city heating systems, JSC ESM informs.

"The president of RKE, Marko Bislimovski, the assistant director for production in AD ESM, Aleksandra Marojevic, the director of Energy, Dalibor Bogdanovski, and the director of ESM Heat Production, Zlatko Piperkoski, presented the situation with heating in the city of Skopje, the use of natural gas as basic energy, and the challenges that reserve energy, fuel oil and diesel bring with them, but also the determination of the Government for the energy transformation of the entire energy sector, including here the heating of the capital", the announcement reads.

The Swedish representatives, MP Jute Guteland and the Deputy Mayor of Malmö, Sedat Arif, shared the experiences of "Smart central heating", which, as they pointed out in Sweden, is primarily based on secondary heat from the production processes of nearby factories and additional heat from bio-waste.

AD ESM says that as a company that has taken over the central heating system on behalf of the Government, they are working on several issues related to the optimization of the system and its expansion, with the aim of connecting as many residents of Skopje to central heating as possible.

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