Abbas blamed the US for the destruction of Gaza

Mahmoud Abbas / photo: MIA

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said today that an international peace conference is necessary to end the war in Gaza and find a lasting political solution that will lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Abbas said that "the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians in general has reached an alarming stage that requires an international conference and assurances from world powers."

- I am for peaceful resistance. I am in favor of negotiations based on an international peace conference and under international auspices that would lead to a solution under the protection of world powers for the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, he stressed.

Abbas said that based on a binding international agreement, he would revive the weakened Palestinian Authority, implement long-awaited reforms and hold presidential and parliamentary elections. He added that the Palestinian Authority has adhered to all peace agreements signed with Israel, from the 1993 Oslo Accords to others, but that Israel has broken its promises to end the occupation.

-Whoever wins - wins, these will be democratic elections, he said when asked if he would risk holding the elections given the possibility of Hamas winning like in 2006.

Abbas did not present a concrete vision for the post-war plan discussed with US officials. Under that plan, the Palestinian Authority would take control of the Gaza Strip, home to 2,3 million people.

-Gaza today is not Gaza as you know it. Gaza is destroyed. Its hospitals, schools, infrastructure, buildings, roads and mosques have been destroyed. There is nothing left. When we come back, we will need resources, Gaza needs reconstruction, Abbas said, calling on the US to be responsible for what is happening in the enclave.

It is, according to him, the only force capable of ordering Israel to end the war and fulfill its obligations.

-Unfortunately, he doesn't do that. America is Israel's accomplice, Abbas concluded.

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