AA will get a deputy prime minister and ministers of justice and health, directors of Customs, IRS and Financial Police?

Photo: Government of RSM

Personnel of the Alliance for the Albanians, according to the agreement between Arben Taravari и Dimitar Kovacevski, will manage two ministries, and the party will also receive the position of deputy prime minister in the Government, two deputy positions in ministries, as well as several important director positions, announced TV21, citing sources in AA.

According to these sources, the party will have the Ministries of Health and Justice, the position of Deputy Prime Minister, the deputy positions in the Ministries of Agriculture and Defense, as well as the top positions in the Customs Administration, the Public Revenue Administration and the Financial Police. This, along with the definitive confirmation that AA is entering the government, will be announced tomorrow, AA sources told the television station.

Prime Minister Kovacevski said today that the talks between the Alliance and SDSM are taking place "in a good spirit and in an atmosphere aimed at reaching an agreement". He added that the purpose of AA's entry into the Government is "to form a majority that has a clear position regarding the European future of the country". Kovacevski denied that there were any problems in the negotiations for a department.

AA leader, Arben Taravari, said that the finalization of the agreement is expected to happen by tomorrow at the latest. He believes that it is incorrect to speak publicly about the portfolios he received, until they are fully assured about the distribution.

"I believe that today or tomorrow the agreement will be finally finalized and then we will officially announce it, both the Government and the Alliance for Albanians." I think that the contract should be completely completed and then we can present it. I think it would be incorrect to say something and change it tomorrow. So that, when the contract is completely ready, we will present it to the citizens", said Taravari.

Meanwhile, Alternativa, which in a similar way became part of the government last year, breaking the coalition precisely with the Alliance for Albanians, has not yet decided whether it will remain in the Government or withdraw from the majority, due to, as they say, non-respect of the agreement. The party of Afrim Gashi he is waiting for the final agreement between Taravari and Kovacevski, to then make a decision.

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