80% of Russian soldiers from the border with Finland transferred to Ukraine

Photo: Yle magazine

Russia has deployed most of its military and equipment, which was concentrated on the border with Finland, to Ukraine.

This information was shared by a high-ranking source in Finnish intelligence.

"Russia is scaring NATO countries with World War III, but at least near Finland, it does not seem to be preparing for war," he said in a statement.

Released satellite images show that Russian ground forces' garrisons and military bases near the Finnish border are largely empty.

"On average, 80 percent of equipment and troops have been redeployed to the war in Ukraine," Finnish intelligence officials say.

In some bases, obsolete equipment was mostly left around the premises.

Now in some garrisons a fifth of the staff remains, in others even less.

"Sometimes exercises are conducted, so the number of personnel varies depending on the situation," the intelligence source said.

At the same time, almost all military equipment has already been removed from the bases located near the border with Finland.

"By our standards, it's pretty bad equipment, but by Russian standards, it might still be adequate," says Finland.

At the same time, former Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently announced the strengthening of the newly formed Leningrad Military District by introducing new formations.

A separate missile brigade equipped with Iskander-M systems was created in Karelia.

Russia also deployed stationary balloons in Karelia with special equipment to monitor the border with Finland.

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