70.000 couples confirmed: This is the secret to a quality sex life!

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John Gottman, an American psychologist and therapist, is engaged in marital relations, and together with his wife Julie even founded an institute that serves as an institution to help couplese.

The successful couple, who have been together for more than 30 years, talked in an interview with "Psychology Today" about how couples in long-term relationships can improve their sex life.

They also discovered the habit of couples with a good sex life.

- One thing thrilled me when I analyzed everything needed for a good sex life, maintaining romance and passion and sexual desire. The book "The Normal Bar" presents the research conducted on 70.000 couples worldwide. "Then I singled out some habits of couples with a good sex life," said John.

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It's very simple, John claims. Here are those habits:

- they tell each other every day that they love each other;
- kiss passionately for no reason;
- compliment each other;
- romantically surprise each other;
- go out together;
- express tenderness in public.

The secret of a good sex life is to be in physical contact. And, that's it!

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His wife discovered that couples often have misconceptions.

- People think that the villagethe ex does not have to be perfect and look Hollywood. Fireworks should be shooting around you while the stars are shining in the sky, under the moon. That just isn't real. Sex must be what you want it to be. It does not always have to be perfect or romantic. That knowledge gives couples the freedom to be creative and unburdened in bed - said Julie.




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