On the 6th day, the operating theaters do not work - the Ministry of Health is silent on whether and who will be held responsible

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On the 6th day, there are no operations in the surgical block at the "Mother Teresa" clinic complex. There is only one operating room that works for emergencies, brief sources from the clinic.

Apart from the fact that there is no place for patients to be operated on, an unpleasant smell spreads in the surgical block, he announces. Sitel TV. The Ministry of Health is silent - they do not say who will guarantee the safety of this clinic, nor who will bear responsibility for this huge problem. The employees do not know when they will start interventions, and the most affected are the patients who have been waiting for months to be on the list.

Although there was no problem with the compressed air, so far no one has checked where the stench is coming from.

- In the last week, the frequency has increased, especially in the emergency center, where the number of patients who come for examination has almost doubled. Also, all the departments, especially the surgical ones, are full with some extra beds in order to take care of all the patients who are looking for help, says Dr. Hristijan Kostov, director of the GOB September 8th.

Surgery was also supervised by the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, but they say they have no authority except to inform the ministry about the actual situation and the unpleasant smell in the surgical block.

In April, when the halls did not work for two days, the reactions of surgeons were that this was happening for the first time in the history of Macedonian healthcare. But just one month later the entire operating block is down again for days.

Patients go home without intervention and with stress and anxiety when their health problem is solved.

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