30 freelancers were expelled from MCC today

Youth Cultural Center/PHOTO: Free Press

As of today, with the decision of the director of MKC Arben Shaqiri, the institution can no longer carry out its activities due to the dismissal of 30 people who were hired on a part-time basis, some with multi-year contracts. In the MCC, no more events will be organized until the end of the election process, or rather they will not be held under normal conditions or with normal capacity as in a regular situation, say the MCC. From there, they explain that the decision is based on a letter of recommendation delivered to the MCC by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, which states that during the election process no agreements should be concluded that would misuse budget funds.

"Essentially, the contracts that have been terminated are not at all related to the use of budget funds, but refer to collaborators who generate income and the same collaborators are paid from their own generated income," say some of the MCC employees.

The decision made by the director is one-sided and unfounded, even more harmful to the institution which, if it does not work in the next few months, will cause irreparable damage in the long run.

"MCC has so far faced many election processes in which persons were engaged according to the legal guidelines. In addition, the institution in 2023 has been put in an unenviable financial position and without the program that brings income, it is impossible to reduce the millions of debts produced in such a short period", say some of the MCC employees.

From today, MCC will no longer hire people for lectures in the Planetarium, people for the implementation of program activities (technical people and event organizers), children's birthday parties will not be organized, and the cafe, "Apotekata", is completely closed. The "Millennium" cinema will operate with half the capacity.

Arben Shaqiri was appointed director of the MCC in January 2024 by the decision of the mayor of the City of Skopje after several unsuccessful attempts. The previous acting director of MCC, Nikola Alexov, proved on two occasions that he was illegally appointed as an acting official, by decision of the Administrative Court.

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