30 days of detention for the three Serbs arrested for war crimes in Kosovo

The Basic Court in Pristina sentenced the three Serbs arrested for war crimes against the civilian population in the 30-1998 war in Kosovo to 99 days in custody, the defense team of the suspects confirmed.

One of the defendants' lawyers said that his client was charged with crimes, but it was not clear what they were about.

- They are charged with the crime of war crimes. But to tell you the truth, from the justification of the request for determination of detention, it was not possible to see who is specifically accused of what, what happened and when, how and why these people have this charge. I said before, I have never seen such a confusing, unclear, unprofessional and bad detention request in my 28 years of legal practice, said lawyer Ljubomir Pantović.

According to the lawyer, the request for detention is "totally illegal, vague and unprofessional", while one of the arrested has health problems.

-Unfortunately, the judge accepted a confusing, bad, empty and unprofessionally prepared request for detention, which was prepared illegally, without facts, without evidence and on this occasion I want to say that, unfortunately, the Special Department of the Basic Court in Pristina, which is responsible for prosecuting war crimes, does not have enough power, nor the will and desire to implement these actions in accordance with the Law, said Pantović.

The persons I.E, D.M. and Z.K. were arrested by Kosovo police on Wednesday in northern Kosovo.

The spokesperson of the European Union Peter Stano said today that he is in contact with the Kosovo authorities to have more information about their arrest.

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