A 20-year-old man in Zagreb sold apartments that did not exist, stole millions

Apartments / Photo: SP. archive

A boy tricked several people in Zagreb into selling them non-existent apartments. On the first occasion, there was talk of material damage of 600.000 kuna. But police have uncovered several more cases. The 20-year-old cheated several more people for about 2,3 million kuna. That is the amount they paid him for the apartments, which, as it turned out, did not exist, writes Index.hr.

"The police officers of the Zagreb Police Department with a further intensive and persistent criminal investigation, where the suspicion that the 20-year-old injured three people for more than 600.000 kuna has already been confirmed, have now confirmed the suspicion that the 20-year-old committed several crimes of fraud and criminal "Forgery of a document to the detriment of four men aged 41, 57, 41 and 79 and two women aged 58 and 59", writes the police.

The young man was showing people false plans and they were signing sales contracts.

"Namely, there is a suspicion that the 20-year-old misled the injured party that he will build a residential building in the western part of Zagreb by showing them forged architectural plans of a residential building, forged partnership agreement, forged contract with the contractor and forged equipment payments." , explained by the police.

Furthermore, the injured parties concluded agreements for purchase of apartments in the still unbuilt residential building and paid advances for purchase of apartments on the account of the company owned by the suspect, in which he is also the director.

"The material damage caused by these crimes is about 2,3 million kuna.

"After the completion of the criminal investigation, and after a previously filed criminal charge with the Municipal State Attorney's Office, for everything that has been determined so far with a special report, the police officers informed the Municipal State Attorney's Office in Zagreb." said the police.

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