For 20 years, they have been making a lot of noise with functions and it still doesn't cost them, says Ahmeti about the "firemen" in DUI

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The leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, commented on the party members from the so-called A "fiery group" in his party, saying they "stayed in power for 20 years and made noise."

Ahmeti said that in DUI there is a war between the officials, "to take each other's place". Speaking about the "firemen", he told the residents of the Gostivar village of Vrapcishte that they were wrong and asked them to join the current party leaders and help them.

"I told them that they are people I have had as friends, I have them as friends, they are wrong, they are totally wrong, because 20 years have passed and not that they suffered for anything, always with positions, if there was someone who did not have a position, he would have been angry. "For 20 years, I've been busy with positions and they're still not happy, this one leaves and that one goes, I lead organs and I have responsibilities, I can't be biased," said Ahmeti.

The "Fire Group", the informal party faction led by Izet Medziti и Blerim Bexheti, is fighting for reforms in the party and to obtain resignations from the deputy prime minister Artan Grubi, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani and other current DUI government officials.

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