A 16-year-old girl fell into a gully near Strumica - CUK pulled her out

Tonight around 20.30:112 p.m., XNUMX received a call from an adult woman who reported that her daughter had fallen into a creek near the monastery of Saint Ilia above Strumica, but she did not know the exact location. At the same time, she reported that her daughter had injuries on her head, CMC informed.

112 operators calmed down the visibly upset mother and asked her to tell her daughter to call 112 to determine her location.

"The daughter called 112 scared and upset, said that she had injuries on her head and that she did not know the exact place where she fell. The 112 operators determined the exact location through the 112 system, and the operatives from the Department of Operations and Coordination from CMC immediately notified SVR Strumica, TPPE Strumica and the Emergency Medical Service from Strumica. All indicated teams immediately went out to the field, searched the indicated location and after first making voice contact with the injured and frightened person by shouting, they managed to find her soon after. At the moment, work is being done to extract her," the announcement reads.

Immediately after this announcement, the director of CMC, Angelov informed that the girl was taken out and is in the Strumica hospital.

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