14 of our fellow citizens have their own planes: With a private flight for coffee in Dubrovnik, Ohrid, Tivat....

Air show in Stenkovec/Photo: Sloboden pechat/Metodi Zdraev

If you were to buy a used sports plane now, the one whose price is from 150.000 to 200.000 euros. To rent a plane for a trip to Ohrid, you need to set aside 500 euros, and for Dubrovnik, about 1.500 euros

Several of our fellow citizens with their own planes and gliders were part of the air show that took place these days on the occasion of 100 years of Macedonian aviation. According to the Register maintained by the Civil Aviation Agency, Macedonian citizens owned 14 airplanes, of which 3 are of the "Cessa" type and one more sport airplane of another brand, 10 are so-called ultralight airplanes, and they also have 4 gliders.

Jane Stefanov from the Aeroclub "Skopje" explains that both Cessna and ultralight aircrafts can be used to travel long distances, and depending on the type of aircraft, some can travel a greater distance and some less, so it will be necessary to stop to refuel.

– As the name suggests, ultralight aircraft are light and smaller. According to our regulation they can be up to 450 kg and this type of aircraft is always two-seater, unlike sport aircraft, which can have more seats. In general, aviation up to 2 tons is sports, and this includes the "cesses". But, as with sports planes, so with superlight planes, their owners travel all over Europe - says Stefanov.

Air show in Stenkovec/Photo: Sloboden pechat/Metodi Zdraev

Stefanov says that ultralight planes travel at an average of 150 kilometers per hour, but that the road is not always straight. Given directions are followed, and for example to Ohrid, you have to bypass Solunska Glava, so you have to travel for at least an hour.

- Dubrovnik can be reached in two and a half hours, Tivat in two hours, Podgorica in one and a half hours. Of course, it's not just about the speed, but also the beauty of the journey - says Stefanov.

In a conversation with the owners of the planes who were at the air show, we discover that they know how to go for a one-day swim in Montenegro, or to drink coffee in Dubrovnik.

Stefanov says that there are people who do not have their own plane, but rent it. In that case, the trip to Ohrid would cost 500 euros, and for example to Dubrovnik about 1.500 euros. Something cheaper, but similar, would cost them even if they had their own plane, because all the costs related to their storage and maintenance should be taken into account.

- When it is said that someone has a plane, there is usually a rumor that it is a very large sum. Now the price of airplanes ranges from 150.000 to 200.000 euros, and some give that much money for vehicles. From 35.000 to 150.000 euros can be set aside for an extra light plane. Of course, it all depends on the model and how preserved it is - says Stefanov.

As can be seen from the Aircraft Register, the aircraft were purchased in the period from 1996 to 2018 old. Thus, the oldest manufactured aircraft owned by a citizen was produced in 1965, but as Stefanov claims, there is no such thing as an old aircraft in aviation. It is important how it is maintained and whether the rules for regular services are respected.

The four sailboats that are owned by our fellow citizens are for sports. With them you can fly, "walk", chase clouds and air currents...
As far as legal entities are concerned, they own 23 planes, 4 ultralight planes and 4 gliders. Among them is the "plane" of the Government, and the others are mainly at aviation clubs, which also provide training for pilots, while the exam is taken before a commission from the Civil Aviation Agency.

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