VIDEO | 14 years without Tose, the Balkans will never forget the darkest October 16

Tose Proeski October 16
Years later, the Balkans still mourn the man who loved us all - Tose Proeski / Photo: EPA / VLATKO PERKOSKI / GEORGI LICOVSKI

Today marks 14 years since the Macedonian singer Tose Proeski died in a car accident near Nova Gradiska. Balkan Elvis Presley, as BBC News called him, left us at the age of 26, leaving an indelible mark as a human being.

On October 16, 2007, one of the scariest news in the Macedonian public echoed, an event that no one ever thought could happen and which at first seemed like an unsalted joke, but then the official information confirmed what we were afraid of - Tose Proeski died in a car accident accident in Croatia.

In memory of the musician who did not want to take his hat off, but to be proud of him, the marathoners will run a memorial marathon this year, from Nova Gradiska in Croatia, to Krushevo in Northern Macedonia, where Tose Proeski rests. The marathon started on October 14 at 17 pm, from the stadium of the football club Sloga in Nova Gradiska.

How big Tose's heart was, and how he always helped those who needed it most, is shown by his words "I love you all". A singer with an angelic voice and a warm soul, he lived for concerts and exchanged energy with the audience. At his last concert in his career, at the City Stadium in Skopje, on October 5, 2007, when the funds were intended for the reconstruction of one hundred primary schools throughout Macedonia, he received a statuette of Mother Teresa, from the foundation of the same name, as a sign of gratitude for humanitarian work. . He gave it to his mother Dominica, who taught him from an early age about the importance of charity. He had a special request to the audience that night - he asked them to make a "starry sky" with their mobile phones and not to let it go out.

And it will not go out…